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Family & Domestic Violence
Workplace Awareness

FDV Workplace Awareness

4 hour workshop

23 February 2023
Venue: East Perth
Cost: $140

FDV Workplace Awareness

4 hour Workshop

29 March 2023
Venue: Virtual
Cost: $140

FDV Workplace Awareness

Full-day Workshop

Coming Soon




Course Overview

Violence and abuse are not unique to any workplace, but the solutions to solve them are.

Workplaces play a vital role in identifying and preventing family and domestic violence. According to the ABS, approximately 800,000 women, or around 1 in 6 female workers are currently experiencing domestic or family violence.

Managers & Leaders

Our workplace training packages have been developed both to raise awareness, alleviate stigma and work towards eliminating family and domestic violence.

Workplace leaders have an obligation to their staff to minimise risk and offer support and this extends beyond the basic occupational health and safety guidelines. Recognising the signs of FDV in the workplace is the first step toward providing resources and support to staff or colleagues who may be affected by violence and will go a long way to alleviating family and domestic violence.

Topics covered by this workshop include;

  • Understanding family and domestic violence 

  • Challenging family and domestic violence

  • Identifying family and domestic violence in the workplace

  • Responding to family and domestic violence in the workplace

  • Your own self-care

This workshop aims to:

  • Raise awareness of family and domestic violence in the workplace

  • Demystify the forms of which family and domestic violence may present in

  • Help to identify the signs that someone may be experiencing or perpetrating violence

  • Develop soft skills on how to support someone experiencing violence

  • Show how to respond to a disclosure of violence in the workplace



This course is designed for managers, supervisors and senior staff in organisations; those who oversee teams and who have input into how risks and disclosures are managed within the organisation.

Delivery Options

2 hours (Virtual or in-person)
4 hours (Virtual or in-person)


Register your interest

Click the link below to register your interest in holding our workshop for your team.  On receipt we will provide a quote for your approval.

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