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Reflective Practice Supervision



Course Overview

This training provides an overview of the skills, principles and theoretical frameworks of effective supervision with a focus on reflective practice and the 'use of self' within supervision. It is suitable for new supervisors or those looking to move into a supervisory role, as well as providing a review of the theoretical structures of supervision for more experienced staff. It suits all disciplines and orientations of human services work and the helping professions.

Topics covered by this workshop include:

Day One 

  • Purpose and Principles of Supervision 

  • Competencies of Effective Supervisors 

  • Contracting, Confidentiality and Case notes 

  • History and Functions of Supervision 

  • Reflective Practice 


Day Two 

  • Models of Supervision 

  • Reflection and the ‘use of self’ in supervision 

  • Exploration Process 

  • Providing effective feedback  

  • Promoting professional development of supervisees 

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • have increased understanding of the purpose , function, history and principles of effective supervision. 

  • recognise the competencies required for effective supervision and complete their own competency checklist. 

  • be provided with guidelines and information around supervision contracting, confidentiality and case note writing. 

  • gain skills and knowledge in the use of reflection, exploration and the use of self/interpersonal processes within the supervision relationship. 

  • be provided several common models of effective supervision 

  • gain skills and knowledge in providing effective feedback and supporting professional growth among supervisees.  



Clinical Professionals

Delivery Options

2 day Workshop (Virtual or in-person)


Register your interest

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