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Resilience in a Changing Environment

Resilience on a Changing Environment

1.5 hour workshop

More dates coming soon

Resilience on a Changing Environment

1.5 hour workshop

More dates coming soon

Resilience on a Changing Environment

1.5 hour workshop

More dates coming soon

2 x Half-day Workshops
1 x Full day Workshops


Course Overview

Are you feeling run down? Are you feeling unsure about the state of things? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

This course, Resilience in a Changing Environment will enable you to learn new skills to enhance your resilience.

You will learn strategies not only to support yourself, but also your colleagues and teams.

The course is interactive and practical.

We will cover:

  • The emotional impact of change

  • Resilience explained

  • Developing Resilience: Common protective factors that you can adapt today!

    • Traits of resilient people

    • Control and influence

    • The game of life

    • Self-care and what it means for you

    • Reframing and how you can apply it

  • You will leave with practical tools to support yourself and your team – remember that no one size will fit al which is why you will have a variety of options to apply.

  • Participants who attend will receive a downloadable practical workbook




Prina’s extensive background puts her in a unique position to respond to your

workplace’s needs.

Prina spent 20+ years in the corporate world leading teams in Strategic People and Culture

roles focusing on culture change, leadership development and change management.

She is a Global Coach, Consultant, Trainer and Keynote Speaker.

Prina understands the challenges that today’s workplaces face. She brings a wealth of practical experience and corporate knowledge to support you in developing the right kind of workplace with you. Prina works with global clients and is able to bring the best from the globe to you.

Prina specialises in executive, leadership and team development. She is an expert in helping you to optimise your individuals, teams and organisational cultures through coaching, consulting and training.

Prina possesses a BSc in Sociology and Social Psychology and a Diploma of Professional Coaching.



This workshop is suitable for Managers and Employees
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Delivery Options

1.5 hour workshop (Virtual)


Register your interest

Click the link below to register your interest in holding our workshop for your team.  On receipt we will provide a quote for your approval.

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