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Anglicare WA's White Ribbon Approved

Family & Domestic Violence Training


Course Overview

Men's violence and abuse is not unique to any single Australian workplace, but the solutions to solve it are. Workplaces hold an important role in providing safe environments for women, driving social change and eliminating men’s violence against women. This workshop serves to improve workplaces and managers knowledge of gendered based violence. It aims to increase managers skills and confidence in identifying and responding to both incidents and disclosures of gendered based violence in the workplace.

This workshop aims to satisfy criterion 2.3 in White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation.

This is an interactive course focusing on the following;

  • Prevalence and types of violence and abuse

  • Drivers of gendered violence

  • Prevention

  • Identifying

  • Responding

The workshop is designed to run alongside White Ribbon's free eLearning Course and attendees will be expected to complete this course prior to attending our workshop.  Click on the link below to be directed to this content



This course is designed for managers, supervisors and senior staff in organisations; those who oversee teams and who have input into how risks and disclosures are managed within the organisation.

This workshop is designed for a maximum of 25 participants and should not proceed without a minimum of 8 people.

Delivery Options

E-module + Half-day Workshops (Virtual or in-person)
E-module + Full day Workshops (Virtual or in-person)



Register your interest

Click the link below to register your interest in holding our workshop for your team.  On receipt we will provide a quote for your approval.

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