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Workplace Wellbeing Resources

Set your Employee Assistance Program up for success!

Awareness Session

It’s important to encourage your employees to access support when they need it, one of the ways to do this is by removing the stigma around utilising an employee assistance program.


To help you do this, we have created an awareness session for your team which covers: 

  • Clear Minds and how it connects to Anglicare WA 

  • What is wellbeing, and how can we support and maintain our wellbeing 

  • Your Employee Assistance Program and how to access your Workplace Wellbeing benefits. 

Marketing Collateral


It’s vital that information about your Workplace Wellbeing Program is visible to your employees. We offer a suite of marketing collateral that can be displayed around your workplace, from business cards, posters, and postcards.  

Click on the links below to download electronic copies of our postcards and posters.

If you'd like physical copies, including business cards, please complete the request form below, and we will send physical copies in the post. 

Marketing Collateral
Online Employee Portals

Online Employee Portals

Below are the links and passwords to the online employee portals for you to circulate with your workforce. 

Managers Toolbox


Password: SUPPORT2023


Employee Pitspot


Password: WELLBEING2023


Request Support

As a manager, you can request support via our Request Forms below. 

Critical Incidents

Critical Incident Support is designed to delicately support those who have experienced or witnessed an incident, whether a death, assault, serious injury or an event specific to your team and may include group debriefing, individual or group counselling, wellbeing checks.

Wellbeing Check

Wellbeing Checks are designed to determine the psychological welfare of a team member should there be concerns.

Workplace Mediation

Mediation involves an independent 3rd party leading structured sessions to identify and assess options and negotiate an agreement to resolve disputes while refraining from applying their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the resolution.

Manager Initiated Referrals

If you have concerns about an employee psychological wellbeing or you feel they are exhibiting unusual behaviour and feel they could benefit from accessing counselling, you can refer them directly to the service

Requet Support
Contact Us

Contact Us!

Workplace Wellbeing (EAP) Appointments

1300 11 44 46

Corporate Enquiries

 08 9263 2855

Other Service Enquiries

9263 2855

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